Salon Professional Conditioner

We stock a wide range of the finest hair conditioners from the leading Salon Professional Brands; Authentic Beauty Concept, Davines, Eleven, Olaplex, Pureology, Moroccanoil, Redken, Fanola & Fudge. You can buy these Salon Professional Conditioners online or in Salon. All of these conditioners have been carefully selected by us and approved for use in our hair salon by our expert salon team.

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Why Salon Professional Conditioner?

A high quality conditioner is essential for good hair health and appearance. Not only do good conditioners enhance your hair softness and shine but they also protect your hair from damaging effects of UV, air pollution, brushing your hair and tangling. The role of a conditioner is primarily to close the cuticle which it does by being a lower pH than your hairs natural pH. Closing the cuticle means that the cuticle lies flat giving your hair a smoother external surface. This makes you hair much less likely to tangle and so your will find it easier to brush and to manage. It also helps your hair to reflect light better and so it will have a much healthier shine.

The best Salon Professional brands are much better than supermarket or budget brands for several reasons. The quality of the ingredients is higher and so you will get a better end result. Supermarket hair products tend to be bulked out with cheap ingredients that are not very effective. High quality Professional brands are much more concentrated so you should use much less per wash (this is why supermarket sold products are also sold in larger sizes as you need to use a lot more) which is better for environment as there is less transportation energy used and less packaging waste.

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