Our price levels reflect the stylists’ experience. As one of the leading Brighton Hair Salons we pride ourselves on the highest quality of our cutting & colouring & we invest in the best training to keep us at the forefront of hairdressing.

Our prices are all based on the expected duration of a typical service and the products that we use. We only use the finest quality hair colour and products during your service.

Cutting & Styling

Our cutting & styling appointment prices are gender neutral, based on the level of stylist and duration of appointment. Appointment durations depend upon the length, thickness, texture of your hair and how you would like it finished.

A Cut & Finish (30) is a 30 min appointment for short hair which include a clippered style (available with selected stylists). A Cut & Finish (45) is a 45 min appointment is for shorter hair such as a pixie cut or could be a Gents cut with a clippered short style or a skin fade.

A Cut and Blow Dry (60) appointment is for short bob length to medium thickness shoulder length hair and includes a blow dry.

Cut and Blow Dry (75) is a 75 min appointment for restyles or for below shoulder length hair with medium to thicker hair density or shoulder length thick to very thick hair.

The Salon Director, Kate is our curly & coily hair specialist. If you have type 3 or type 4 curly/coily hair then we recommend that you send us a picture of your hair prior to your appointment. Kate will then be able to give you a quote for the length of your appointment. Kate specialises in both curly dry and wet cutting depending on the style required.

If you require a curled styling iron finish then please let us know when booking your appointment as this will affect the appointment length.

 Styled Blow Dry (45)Cut & Finish (30)Cut & Finish (45)
Graduate Stylist£30£30
Creative Stylist£43£29£43
Senior Stylist£48£32£48
Style Director£53£36£53
Salon Dir. /
Curly Specialist
Cut & Blow Dry (60)Cut & Blow Dry (75)Deluxe Restyle
£40£50£66Graduate Stylist
£57£71£89Creative Stylist
£64£80£99Senior Stylist
£70£88£108Style Director
£77£96£117Salon Dir. /
Curly Specialist

Note: The prices above are guideline prices based on the typical appointment duration for a cutting and styling service. All prices listed are for our Brighton hair salon and are guidelines and may vary depending on hair type and thickness and hence length of appointment required.


K18 is a revolutionary hair treatment that repairs hair at the molecular level. Its ability to repair damaged hair is quite amazing and as our mission is to ensure all our clients have beautiful healthy hair we are overjoyed to have this new treatment available. K18 is patented so there is nothing else like it. You can find out more about the amazing science behind K18.

For some colour services, depending on your hair type an K18 treatment will be necessary – this will be quoted as part of your colour service. We currently have special introductory prices on this service for hair which is up to the top of the shoulder length or hair which is past shoulder length. See colour section below for prices.


Protecting and repairing the cross linking (di-sulphide) bonds in hair is essential to good hair condition. We use Olaplex, the original di-sulphide bond repairing treatment. If you have pre-lightening services or do heat styling with non-ghd stylers then these services are highly recommended.

For some colour services, depending on your hair type an Olaplex treatment will be necessary – this will be quoted as part of your colour service. See colour section below for prices.


We are experts in all aspects of colour including Balayage & colour correction. We are one of the Souths leading hair colour salons & we use both Davines and Redken colour as we believe it is the best hair colour available. Although we are a premium Brighton Hair Salon we offer a wide range of prices.

When booking a colour appointment we require a £50 deposit (this is fully refundable if you need to cancel or move your colour appointment and give us 2 complete days notice, this does not include Sunday)

At your colour consultation your colourist will advise you on the personalisation of your colour which may include bespoke services such as root smudges, face framing and balayage tip outs. We use Davines Mask permanent colour and the revolutionary ammonia free Shades EQ toner.

To find out more about the difference of professional salon hair colour see our colour page.

 Graduate StylistStylistCreative Stylist
Tint Re-growth£39£43£50
Tint Full head£49£57£66
Full head gloss£23£26£28
Bespoke colour£52/h£61/hour
Blonde/lightening services
Lightening (bleach) roots**from £69f £79f £87
Balayage Totalf £113f £131f £147
Balayage Refreshf £92f £105f £117
Full head Highlightsf £90f £105f £119
Half head Highlightsf £69f £79f £89
Toner (no amon.)f £23f £26f £28
K18 (shoulder length)£23£23£23
K18 (past shoulder)£28£28£28
Post Colour Xpress Blow Dry£16£19£23
Senior StylistStyle DirectorCreative Director
£57£64£70Tint Re-growth
£74£80£86Tint Full head
£30£32£34Full head gloss
£69/hour£75/hour£81/hourBespoke colour
Blonde/lightening services
f £95f £102f £108Lightening (bleach) roots**
f £161f £173f £191Balayage Total
f £128f £137f £145Balayage Refresh
f £131f £141f £157Full head Highlights
f £98f £105f £111Half head Highlights
f £30f £32f £34Toner (no amon.)
£23£23£23K18 (shoulder length)
£28£28£28K18 (past shoulder)
£26£28£31Post Colour Xpress Blow Dry

Tint Re-growth: Top up roots to change colour, cover or blend white hair with Semi-permanent or permanent ammonia free colour

Tint Full head: Total and complete colour change with Semi-permanent or permanent ammonia free colour

Full head gloss: No colour, no commitment, just amazing shine

Toner: These are used to add tone to your colour. There are a near endless varieties of toners that we can create

**Lightening (bleach) roots: All over lightening of your hair that has had a previous bleach application up to 6 weeks ago. If it has been longer than 6 weeks the lightening will be a higher price as a more complex application technique is required to avoid banding at the re-growth line.

Balayage: Brush strokes of colour as a specialist technique creating a huge range of options

Bespoke colour: From light to dark or dark to light or to correct varying tones

Full head High/Low lights: All over placing of colour through foils to achieve a multi-toned look, as bold or as subtle as you desire

Half head High/Low lights: Placing of colour through foils to achieve a multi-toned look, as bold or as subtle of you desire

All clients must have a skin allergy test 48 hours prior to their colour appointment. This will take place at your free 15 minute consultation.

Please note: Colour only appointments must be booked with a blow dry finishing service with your stylist. We offer a discounted express post colour blow dry for clients who would like a simple quick blow dry. 

All prices listed are guidelines and may vary depending on hair type and length of appointment required.

Long and/or thick hair: If your appointment duration needs to be longer then we will advise on any additional charges during your consultation.

Cutting And Finishing

Deluxe Services

Upgrade your service to a ‘deluxe’ to include a 15 minute conditioning treatment with a wonderfully relaxing 10 minute scalp massage. The condition of your hair is paramount to the service we offer which is why we will always recommend a treatment if we feel your hair requires it.

For best hair colour results we always recommend your hair is treated prior to your colour application. This treatment repairs damage in your hair and evens out the porosity which prepares your hair for the colour process, ensuring an even colour deposit. A post colour treatment is also recommended to help close the hair cuticle, aiding in colour longevity and adding amazing shine.

We use Redken Chemistry, Shot Phix, & Olaplex treatments at our Brighton hair salon. These treat and transform the appearance of all hair types, each service offers intense care through highly concentrated ingredients that act in synergy with a cuticle sealer.

hair salon brighton

If you wish to have a treatment then during your consultation your stylist will prescribe the appropriate one from the following:

Redken Colour Extend

Protection for colour treated hair. Helps to prevent colour fade.

Redken All Soft

Softness for dry brittle hair using Avocado oil and olive oil.

Redken Extreme

The legendary protein treatment. Rebuilds strength for distressed hair.

Redken Volume

For fine and/or flat hair hair. Provides volume.

Special Occasion Hair including Wedding / Bridal Hair

If you are a Bride to be and looking for the perfect hair for your wedding day, or any other special occasion such as prom or ball then visit one of our hair up specialists and let them create a style to finish your look for that special occasion.

We recommend that you come in to our Brighton hair salon for a free consultation to discuss your requirements several months in advance (6 months if it is a Christmas wedding) to ensure that your stylist is available on the date you require. We also always recommend a trial beforehand to trial different options.

In salonOn location (Monday to Thursday)On location (Friday to Sunday)
Graduate Stylist£30
Senior Stylist£64£74£85
Style Director£70£80£91
Creative Director & Salon Director£75£85£96

Note: The prices above are per hour.

Prices additional info


Pre-booked appointments are not always necessary although the team is heavily in demand. We always recommend you book as far in advance as possible and if you need to reschedule your appointment we ask that you give as much notice as possible. Late cancellations or rescheduling result in the stylist not having an appointment which affects their income.


When booking a colour appointment we require a £50 deposit. This is fully refundable if you need to cancel or move your colour appointment with more than 2 days’ notice. (Sunday is not included in the 2 days’ notice)

Consultations & Allergy Testing

Colour consultations are required for all new colour clients along with a skin allergy test which must be performed at least 48 hours before your colour service and are valid for 6 months – provided you have not had a tattoo, permanent makeup or any henna tattoo in the time since your last allergy test – as these all expose you to PPD (para-phenylenediamine) and can make you sensitised to further exposure to PPD (we strongly advise against having any form of henna tattoo as they can contain very high levels of PPD which can then make you subsequently allergic to PPD).

An allergic reaction to PPD can have serious implications for your health and so we will never use a product which requires a PPD allergy test on you if you do not have a valid in date allergy test. We are happy to accept Colourstart Digital Passport.

We require you to have a new colour consultation if it has been more than 6 months since your previous colour service (6 months is a long time in hair colouring so your colourist will need to see your hair condition as well as perform a new allergy test).

NHS Staff

We offer 15% discount to all NHS staff (ID required) and Blue Light Card members.

NUS Students

We offer the following discount for students on presentation of an NUS card:

Monday to Friday: 10% discount


We run regular in salon training on the latest techniques with the entire team.

If you would like to take advantage of the incredible offers we have for hair models please follow us on Instagram or Facebook to get notification of upcoming model sessions. You can also email or ask our front of house team to be added to our model list.