Curly Hair

We are a leading curly hair salon in Brighton – We love hair of all textures, colours and density and we specialise in all of them!

Salon Director Kate wants to ensure absolutely everyone is welcome and cared for, no matter what your hair type.

I’ve commonly heard clients with thick curly hair say they’ve felt judged or guilty for having too much hair. This is sad to hear and certainly not the case with us. We just need to know before hand, how much hair you have to ensure we have the time we need to discuss, cut and then style or style and then cut as the case may be. We will usually ask you to email a photo of your hair in advance of your appointment for this reason


Here you will find a summary of some key questions you may have about having an appointment at North Laine Hair Company if you have curly hair.

What makes a curly hair specialist?

Our curly hair specialists have a variety of different techniques to use on different hair types. This includes a range of techniques including selective curl cutting, skimming and technical cutting. Our philosophy is for curly hair to be embraced in its natural state with natural curl which can be empowering!

The amount of curls and waves we have is dependent on the number of di-sulphide bonds between hair proteins in the hair shaft, the greater the number of links, the curlier the hair.

Our curly hair specialists know the importance of a thorough consultation & really looking through the hair, as they may be working with a variety of textures.  Knowing this means we can work with the hair and get the best possible outcome for you. Just as important as the cutting is how we handle your hair. We understand that different hair types are more fragile than others and need to be treated accordingly so you can be confident you will not get your hair tugged uncomfortably during your service.

Andre Walker came up with the hair type numbering system, also known as the hair chart, in the 1990’s, to help classify the different hair types. There are 4 types:

  1. Straight
  2. Wavy
  3. Curly
  4. Very curly or coily or kinky or sometimes also may be called afro hair texture

These types are also categorised into A, B and C for each number. A is loose, B is medium & C is tight.

We understand what works best with different hair types and personalise the cut to you and your texture and curl pattern. Type 3 and type 4 hair can be cut wet or dry. We will advise which is the best approach for your hair based on several considerations.

What products do you recommend for curly hair?

We stock the widest range of hair care products including specialist brushes & styling creams for curly hair of any salon in Brighton & Hove. You can browse these in advance in our online shop.

We will advise on the best products for your requirements including your budget during your appointment. There is absolutely no expectation for you to purchase any products, we always want to educate and recommend what is best for you and what we have used to create the best results.

What is a curly cut, also known as DevaCut?

A curly hair cut, such as the curl-by-curl technique and the DevaCut or Deva Cut are all hair cuts performed on dry hair, with curls in their natural state (the DevaCut is the name that a salon called Devachan in New York gave to its curly hair cutting service). This allows you and the stylist to see where each curl is going to fall, once its cut as the natural curl pattern is clearly visible. Once cut, the hair is then washed and styled.

What is a curlsy cut?

Another approach to cutting curly hair is the curlsy technique. After the hair texture, curl pattern & face shape are assessed the hair is washed, the hair is cut while wet and then each curl pattern is encouraged, to reveal each curl spiral and then they are cut to allow for the spring back and the shape is created. The hair is then dried into style.

How do you decide when to cut curly hair wet and when to cut it dry?

Curly hair is of course very different wet, to dry. Different coily, curly and waving hair has a different spring back too. The chances are you’ll find more than one type of curl pattern on one head. We focus on the most predominant pattern.

A maintenance cut is best performed on dry hair. This is a cut that is requiring a trim and re-shape. On type 4 coils and kinks, this is called skimming.

If you are requiring a re-style, a bigger change to the length and the shape, then this is best performed on wet hair. The amount of spring back is always taken into consideration. The outline and majority of the cut is performed on wet hair, then washed and styled. The final personalisation is on dry hair with adjustments made to suit your face shape, texture, curl type and thickness.

In some cases (type 4, coily hair, for example) the initial length can be determined on dry hair, then washed and the cut continued on wet hair.
The takeaway is that all waves, curls and coils are different and so each should be treated differently, in a case by case situation. Your hair is unique and will be treated so.

We ask you to send a photo of your hair to the salon, prior to your appointment, so our curl specialist can assess whether the cut should be on dry hair, or wet.

What is the curly girl method?

Curly girl method is a lifestyle approach that was created by Lorraine Massey in the mid 1990’s. It is a method that gives guidance and advice to all genders wanting to encourage their curl and work with their natural texture.

It is a three-step process: Cleanse, Condition, and Style.

The curly girl method gives great advice on the correct cleansing and styling products based on your natural texture. It recommends that you do not brush or comb your hair. You simply use your fingers to distribute the conditioner and your hands and fingers to apply the products and define your curls.

Our Curly Hair Specialist and Salon Director Kate shares her experience and advice:

“Whilst I wholehearted agree with not combing or brushing your curls once you are out of the shower, I do believe some hair types do need a brush to detangle their curls and coils during the washing process. This is done when the conditioner is on the hair, working as protection for the hair and will help evenly distribute the conditioner. Curly Girl Method recommends you wash your hair every 10 days and co-wash once in between. I believe this depends on each individual, if, for example, you’re in the gym frequently, you’re probably not going to want to leave it 10 days.”

The more moisturised your hair is, the healthier it is, shinier, less frizzy and more manageable to style

Kate goes on to explain:

“Also, dry hair needs moisture ie. water! The more moisturised your hair is, the healthier it is, shinier, less frizzy and more manageable to style. Having said that, the cleanse once, co-wash once is a great regimen to follow, however in my opinion you set the days. You can add moisture to your hair with a water spray, as often as your hair tells/asks you.”

“We promote the use of natural products, without sulphates s we do the Curly Girl Method, which it refers to as ‘low poo’! We are advocates of the method, however, it’s been known to put too much pressure on people to stick to a strict regime. Go with what suits your lifestyle and your hair.”

We are advocates of the method, however, it’s been known to put too much pressure on people to stick to a strict regime. Go with what suits your lifestyle and your hair

Not sure how to care for your curly hair?

What can I expect in my curly appointment?

Before your appointment we will ask you to email us a photo of your curls, in their dry natural state, for us to determine the time needed. There is no need to wash your hair before your appointment. If you are selected for a dry haircut, we will wash your hair, style dry it and then cut it.

We recommend you make notes of any questions or concerns you would like to discuss at the consultation. Please bring in photos of what you would like and what you don’t like. Ideally pictures of yourself, with cuts you have had in past that worked and cuts that didn’t work. We will also ask you questions about products that you are currently using and their ingredients (feel free to bring them in with you).

Please bring in photos of what you would like and what you don’t like

Our philosophy is let your natural texture be revealed and ensure you can embrace and be confident in looking after your natural curl and volume

We will assess your hair in its natural state, assess the shape you would like and also assess the spring of your hair. We always respect the fragile nature of some hair types (for example we don’t comb through). Our philosophy is let your natural texture be revealed and ensure you can embrace and be confident in looking after your natural curl and volume.

You may be totally new to curly methods and need advice on how to work with your curls or you may be happy with your style and shape, just need a freshen up & are confident with your current routine, both are fine and very welcome.

Our approach to ensure the best results is to be collaborative; we are specialist in hair, you are specialist in your hair! You know what it does, when and how so our aim is to ask lots questions and understand your hair to give you the best style for you.

How long do I need to book for my curly hair cut?

Appointments for curly hair in our Brighton and Hove Salon are typically between 60 to 90 minutes in duration. All of our prices are based upon the duration of the service. The duration of your appointment will depend on your hair type, density and length, how significant any style change is and how you would like your hair styled.

We will let you know in advance how long and how much your can expect your appointment to be once we have seen your hair and been able to discuss what you would like. If less time is needed than was booked for then you will only be charged for the time it took.

Should curly hair be layered?

Yes. In most cases the weight of curls can pull the hair down and this will result in a flat area on the crown and top of the head and a triangular shape at the bottom, not very flattering.

Layers are perfect to encourage the curl and encourage fuller hair, with lift and volume. The shape of the layers or graduation are determined by assessing your face shape and curl type and thickness.

How often should I have my curls cut?

Different curls and coils need to be cut at different intervals to others. Having said that I would say never go longer than 6 months without a tidy up.

The more coily your hair, the longer it takes to gain length, due to the fact that coils curl back on themselves. So, I can understand why some may wish to leave it longer between salon visits, you may also have been put off by previous experiences, where a stylist has taken your hair too short. Find the correct curly/coily specialist and once that trust is established, you’ll be confident to have a haircut regularly, generally between 3 – 6 months.

When you start to see your ends looking untidy and your hair has lost its shape, it is time for a haircut.

Generally curly and coily hair styles will go longer between haircuts than straight and wavy hair, due to the fact that wavy and straight hair is usually washed more regularly and also generally styled with heat, therefore in need of maintenance cuts to protect from damage. Curly and coily hair generally is thicker in diameter than straight and wavy hair, so is generally stronger too, less prone to damage.

We hope this answers some of your questions but if we can be of further help then please call us on 01273 607057 or email our Brighton and Hove team at