Professional Salon Hair Colour

Why salon colour?


Professional salon hair colouring is a more complex task than many people first realise. Unlike home hair colouring which has a very limited number of options, we can achieve an incredible number of combinations of hues, shades/tints and tones to meet your preferences. We can also create exciting effects such as Ombre or Splashlights in addition to the more established techniques such as highlight’s.

Stylists spend many years training and developing their capability in hair colouring and at North Laine Hair Co. we train and/or recruit stylists that are both cutting and colour technicians to ensure your journey from consultation to end result is with just one stylist. All of our team are trained by expert colour educators from Redken and we develop our own expertise through our in-house education programme and model sessions.

We achieve your unique look by carefully creating a colour from a precise mix of components that give pigment and expose or neutralise the undertone while lifting the hair colour to a lighter level or darkening. (we have over 200 of these unique ingredients in stock which can be mixed on a wide range of proportions to create a virtually limitless range).

This choice of components and their mixing ratios takes into consideration your natural tone, percentage of grey (if applicable) and undertone as well as your hair condition, hair density and colour history.

For best hair colour results we always recommend your hair is treated prior to your colour application. This treatment repairs damage in your hair and evens out the porosity which prepares your hair for the colour process, ensuring an even colour deposit. A post colour treatment is also recommended to help close the hair cuticle, aiding in colour longevity and adding amazing shine.

Our stylists will advise and guide you on your colour choice, ensuring it matches your lifestyle and the appearance you want. Would you like your colour to whisper, talk or shout? And to also take into account aspects such as makeup that you use and your wardrobe.

Who do we work with?

At North Laine Hair Company we always aim to provide the best service for our clients which also includes the products we use. We chose Redken as our partner as they are the leader in professional salon hair colour with the strongest commitment to research and innovation in the hair industry.

Redken has been a pioneer in the field of protein science for hair since the 1960’s when they introduced the first ever pure protein hair product. Why is protein so important? Well hair is a protein filament so maintaining its condition or repairing it requires a very good understanding of proteins.

When we started out we wanted a permanent hair colour which would enhance the condition of your hair as well as delivering fantastic natural looking colour results.

Chromatics is that colour

Chromatics prismatic colour is truly a revolution in permanent hair colour having removed ammonia from the hair colouring process as well as giving you shinier, healthier-looking hair and amazing colour after just one salon visit.

From deep brunettes and fiery reds to cool blondes we can achieve your wish with the revolutionary ammonia and odour free Chromatics

Another key difference with Chromatics colour compared to many of the other leading colour houses is the 4D technology which achieves a multifaceted colour avoiding an unnatural looking, single shade, block colour that used to be the norm.

The final incredible benefit of Chromatics is it also strengthens your hair. Unlike other hair colours which weaken your hair using ammonia to open the hair cuticle (to get it to accept the pigment), Chromatics contains protein extracts which become infused in the hair during the development process.

You don’t need to worry about your hair being damaged by your hair colour. At North Laine Hair Company we will maintain or improve your hairs condition by colouring it!

As well as Chromatics we also use Redken Shades EQ semi-permanent colour. The hair colour that thinks it’s a conditioner! Shades EQ semi-permanent colour is ideal for achieving a tonal change and/or having less commitment with your colour. Shades EQ is an acid pH colour, this causes less swelling in the hair during the colour delivery process, therefore improving the condition of the hair.

Redken truly is “the premium hair colour” and as a salon team we feel it is worth the premium price to ensure that we provide the best possible solution for our clients.


Your visit will always begin with a free consultation where your stylist will spend time understanding your needs and discussing what you would like and also what you would not like. If you don’t have a particular fixed objective your stylist will help guide you with visual aids and taking you through different options and styles. This is also a time when we analysis the condition of your hair and understand what products you currently use.

As part of your consultation your stylist will recommend the best products for you to maintain or improve the condition of your hair at home. This is particularly important if you are having your hair coloured as you will want to maximise the longevity of your colour by using the right professionally prescribed products which do so.

Call to book a free consultation and skin allergy test (A skin allergy test is required 48 hours prior to any colour service. This is to minimize the risk of an allergic reaction to hair the colouring service. Skin allergy tests are required every 12 months). Please always be honest in answering questions regarding the use of henna and any hair lightening products that you have used. These questions are asked to avoid the risk of serious damage to your hair.

Chromatics is revolutionary:
  • 4D colour
  • D1 = Ultimate grey coverage
  • D2 = Multilevel dye deposit
  • D3 = Radiant reflection
  • D4 = Lasting vibrancy
  • Strengthens hair
  • 2X fortified hair
  • ODS2 & Protein extract
  • Ammonia free
  • ODS2 Oil delivery system
  • Protein extracts are delivered
    into the hair cortex