ghd Duet Style 2-in-1 Hot Air Styler


A first of its kind Styler that can be used on Wet Hair

ghd Duet Styler combines your hairdryer and your hair-straighter into one really easy to use styling tool. This unique, innovative tool will make your styling routine so much easier. No longer do you need to dry using your hairdryer and then style using your hair-straightener – with the ghd Duet Styler it does it all in one go!

Why have we fallen in love with this product already? As you would expect from ghd its beautifully designed, very light to hold and so easy to use. You take your hair section and slowly glide along your hair and it will leave your hair straight and with absolutely amazing shine!

Its very quick to get to the required heat (the plates are at 120 deg C in drying mode) and its also nice and quiet when its on, in fact its a lot quieter than most hairdryers.

Once your hair is dry there is a ‘shine shot’ setting which can then set the styler plates to the hotter (185 deg C) temp and you now have a platinum+ styler!

ghd Duet Styler is available in Black or White to buy online or CLICK & COLLECT from our ghd Destination Salon in Brighton

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ghd Sleek Talker Styling Oil 95ml

Lightweight Styling Oil for use with ghd Duet Styler

ghd Sleek Talker - Wet to Sleek - Styling Oil is a lightweight styling oil with heat protection that is perfect for use with the ghd Duet Style hot air styler.

A good heat protection is essential using ghd's or any heat styling tool. Sleek Talker contains Argan Oil to condition and leave your hair smoother and control frizz.

This heat protector contains silicones that insulate your hair from heat and so reduce the risk of your hair from overheating when being styled.

Apply to wet or damp hair before using your Duet hot air styler. Always make sure you dry your hair before using heat stylers.

You do not need to reapply this heat protector until the next time you wash your hair.

ghd Sleek Talker Wet to Sleek Styling Oil 95ml is available to buy online or CLICK & COLLECT at Brighton's leading ghd salon.

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The revolutionary time saving Styler from ghd

The ghd Duet Styler is unique as its a hair styler and straightener that can be used on wet hair. Until now traditional stylers cannot be used on wet hair as they boil the water in your hair causing huge permanent damage to the internal structure. The Duet operates at much lower temperatures avoiding this risk. The plates are controlled to 120 deg C and the air to 95 deg C. The combination of the plates and air simultaneously dries your hair at the same time as straightening and smoothing your hair.

The Duet is designed to dramatically save you time over using a hairdryer followed by a heat styler. Its also fantastic for when you are travelling as you only need to take one styler instead of having to lug a hairdryer and heat styler on your journey!

How to use:

  • The Duet heats up really quickly and gives you a little beep when its ready
  • Use on wet hair (although not dripping wet – wrap a towel around your head when you get out of the shower)
  • Take a section of your hair then place it in the Duet and hold at the root for 3 seconds to dry the root
  • Then slowly glide the Duet down your hair at a constant pace
  • You can acheive a gentle bend on the end if you curl the Duet under at the ends of the hair
  • You get a very smooth, shiny and straight finish.
  • Once your hair is dry if you want extra smoothness and shine simply switch on the ‘shine shot’
  • This switches off the air and heats the plates up to 185 deg C (the same as regular ghd heat stylers)
  • Wait for another beep which tells you the plates have got hotter
  • You now have a styler which is similar to a platinum+ styler (although not design for bouncy finishes or curled styles)


ghd are a very innovative company that have continually developed and evolved the styler since it burst onto the market in 2001. What do we like about the new ghd Duet?  Here they all are:

  1. Performance
    1. A hot air styler that can be used on wet hair to dry and style at the same time
    2. Air Fusion technology that combines very cleverly guided hot air flow with smart temperature controlled plates for simultaneous drying and styling
    3. No damage to your hair as a result of its low temperature technology
    4. Uses 45% less electricity than drying your hair with a ghd hairdryer and a brush
    5. ghd have always led the way in terms of styling plate temperature control. The better the temperature control the more effective the styling. ghd research found that 185ºC is the optimum temperature for best styling and least hair damage. The infinity sensors developed originally for the platinum plus styler have enabled their ultra-zone predictive technology
    6. Ultra-zone predictive technology: The styler recognises each section of hair and adapts the temperature to ensure the optimum temperature is consistent across the plates. The technology is pretty clever:
      • The temperature is monitored 250 times per second
      • The styler recognises the thickness of your hair and speed at which you are styling and adjusts accordingly
      • You get the best styling results personalised to you
  2. Reliability: We only use ghd styling tools in our salon as they are unsurpassed both in terms of performance and reliability. We need a styling tool that we can rely on and our ‘fleet’ of ghd stylers are in use virtually non-stop all day every day and they don’t let us down.
  3. Design
    1. Unique root drying vents that dry your roots without overheating them
    2. Unique air filter design from maximum airflow efficiency
    3. Precision milled plates with infinity sensors that control to precisely to either 120 deg C for drying or 185 deg C for extra styling or shine
    4. High precision floating ultra gloss finish plates for snag free styling
    5. Automatic sleep mode which switches your ghd’s off after 30 minutes of not being used. No more worry that you have left your heat stylers on when you are out!
    6. A genius swivel cord which allows the ghd to rotate with risking getting the power cord twisted and tangled
    7. Universal voltage for use anywhere in the world

Call in to Brighton’s ghd destination salon for a free demonstration and to see what all the excitement is about!

Guarantee: 2 years manufacturers guarantee

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