Authentic Beauty Concept Dry Body Brush


Bamboo Exfoliating Body Brush

Authentic Beauty Concept Dry Body Brush is a bamboo base brush with durable synthetic bristles for all over dry body brushing, massage and exfoliation. It has a soft cotton handle which makes the brush a very comfortable fit in your hand for all over body brushing. The benefits of dry brushing include helping your circulation and in particular can help the function of the lymphatic system that is essential to your immune system. We recommend that you dry brush before your shower and then use Authentic Beauty Concept Sensorial Cream Scrub in the shower. As its name suggests this brush is only intended for dry brushing on the body and is not intended to be used on the face, with water or in the shower.

Authentic Beauty Concept Dry Body Brush is available to purchase online or to CLICK & COLLECT from our Brighton and Hove Salon.

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Authentic Beauty Concept Sensorial Cream Scrub 250ml

Natural and Sustainable Exfoliation for Scalp, Face and Body

Authentic Beauty Concept Sensorial Cream Scrub exfoliates scalp, face and body with its natural, sustainable walnut shell, apricot kernels and chia seed ingredients.

We love that this deep cleansing scrub is for use all over and made with delicious luxury ingredients. Simply apply in the shower to wet hair or skin for gentle, yet deep cleansing and exfoliating. We highly recommend it to sooth the scalp, remove dead skin and open up the follicle to encourage full hair growth. It is particularly great to use on dry and or itchy scalps.

If you use on your body it is really good to use with the Authentic Beauty Concept Body Brush particularly if you are using it before or after shaving body hair. Always finish with a body moisturiser.

As with all Authentic Beauty Concept products, Sensorial Cream Scrub is colour safe, PETA approved, cruelty free, and vegan. This product is also free from parabens, and silicones.

Authentic Beauty Concept Sensorial Cream Scrub is available to purchase online or to CLICK & COLLECT from our Brighton and Hove Salon.

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Enjoy the benefits of Dry Body Brushing

Authentic Beauty Concept Dry Body Brush is for all over body use (just not on the face as the skin can be too sensitive here) on dry skin.

What are the benefits of dry body brushing?

The benefits for dry body brushing are twofold: The most obvious one is for exfoliating the skin to remove dry dead skin and help to keep pores clear. The less obvious one is the benefit to your immune system through helping your circulation and the flow of lymph fluid in your lymphatic system. You all know the invigorating and stimulating feeling you can get from brushing your skin. This has a very beneficial effect in increasing blood flow and helping with the flow into and out of your lymph nodes. Lymph and the organs of the lymphatic system are central to the bodies immune system and so have a free flowing and stimulated lymphatic system is really beneficial to your health. It is in the lymphatic system that the white blood cells (eg. t-cells etc.) are most likely to combat unwanted germs and fight infection. Who would have thought brushing can be so beneficial!


  • You can dry brush as often as you wish. Its easy to have as your routine before you shower or take a bath
  • Use the brush to brush all over your skin with a comfortable level of pressure, this should be as much pressure as you feel is comfortable without it feeling painful
  • You will get the most benefit if you brush in a direction towards your upper chest/collarbone using one continually stroking motion. The reason is all of your lymph system drains into veins that run across your upper chest. If you brush in this direction the motion of pressure can help with the flow of lymph in the right direction
  • So for your arms brush from your hands towards your shoulders
  • For your legs brush upwards from your feet
  • Likewise for your torso brush upwards towards your collarbone (clavicle)


  • Clean brush every few weeks to remove build up on the bristles and dead skin
  • It can be cleaned either with a drop or two of shampoo or liquid soap
  • Massage it into the bristles to remove any build up and then rinse in clean water and leave to dry

Available to buy online or to CLICK & COLLECT from our Brighton and Hove Salon

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Dimensions 2.5 × 2.5 × 14 cm

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