A Revolutionary hair repairing treatment for all hair types

North Laine Hair Company is delighted to be the 1st Salon in Brighton & Sussex to launch the revolutionary new K18 hair Treatment

Occasionally a new hair treatment is launched that is genuinely revolutionary. Well it has happened now with K18Peptide molecular repair treatment!

This product is truly ground breaking! We have been trialling it in Salon to check it is as good as its claims and we are now ready to launch the in-salon treatment and take home treatment.

So how good is it? We haven’t seen results like this ever! If you want your hair to be healthy and look its best then this treatment is the ultimate choice.

K18 is an incredibly clever invention. It has a patented ingredient which amazingly reconnects the molecular (polypeptide) chains that hair is made from. Its crazy that each single hair is made up from billions and billions of these polypeptide chains! In essence this is repairing the hair at its molecular level – from the very deepest layers at the heart of the hair.

What is the results from clinical studies found that hair was restored to over 90% of its original strength and elasticity after using the two step in salon treatment.

How is it different from Olaplex? Olaplex is a great product. The difference is Olaplex helps repair bonds on a larger scale. Olaplex helps bond the chains to each other – cross linking them together if you like. K18 actually repairs the chains as well as broken cross links.

How have they done this? They have used an approach called Biomimetics (which is the practice of mimicking nature) to mimic the natural keratin structure of hair.

A University research team spent a huge amount of time and effort and mapped the entire human hair genome. They then figured out the unique sequence of amino acids that would be required to be able to effectively plug in and repair a broken polypeptide chain. They patented this and called it K18Peptide and have now put it in the K18 Hair mask. Isn’t Science wonderful!!

Salon Treatment Prices

As a special introductory offer in salon treatment for hair which is up to shoulder length is £20. For hair that is longer than this it is £25.

Take Home Treatments

We also retail the take home treatments. These are in two sizes:

K18 leave-in hair mask 5ml is £9

K18 leave-in hair mask 50ml is £55

Based on our use the 5ml mask contains enough product for around 3 treatments and the 50ml mask is enough for around 30 treatments.

K18’s products are vegan, cruelty free, and safe to use on all hair types.