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Redken are the leading hair care company for Protein based repairing hair products. Founded in California 1960 by actor Paul Kent & a Chemistry graduate & hairdresser, Jheri Redding. Redken went onto revolutionise the hair car industry with its Protein technologies and Science led approach.

Redken is a leading brand of premium hair care products and we use both Redken hair products and hair colouring solutions (the revolutionary ammonia free Chromatics and Shades EQ) in salon. Highly concentrated shampoos and conditioners deliver around 70 washes per bottle which should mean they last around 6 months*.

Hair care range

All soft

Redken All Soft is an argan oil enriched range for normal to dry hair. This product is all about providing moisture for dry hair to leave it softer and shinier. Not for fine, thick or very dry hair.

All soft Mega

For hair that is thick, coarse & dry that needs a big hit of moisture (not advised for finer hair or hair that is prone to oily roots). It will help smooth and help tame big unruly hair.

Colour extend magnetics

Redken Colour Extend Magnetics is a sulphate free, gentle range designed to maintain the vibrancy & extend the life of your colour. This range uses the principle of electrostatic attraction to ensure the charged ions in the product are attracted to and bond to the oppositely charged hair shaft.

Nature + Science Colour extend magnetics

Nature + Science version of the Colour Extend Magnetics that as well as being sulphate free is also, vegan and paraben free. All ingredients are naturally derived but it still has the electrostatic properties that maintains your salon-fresh colour vibrancy.

Colour extend blondage

Colour Extend Blondage is for blondes who have balayage, baby lights, microlights or highlights and want to maintain their cool tones. This colour depositing range uses violet pigment to eliminate yellow undertones in blonde hair.

Colour extend brownlights

Colour Extend Brownlights is for brunettes and lightened brunettes who have balayage, baby lights, microlights or highlights and want to maintain their cool tones. This colour depositing shampoo uses blue pigment to tone the hair to cooler tones.


Extreme is the most repairing range by Redken and is primarily for hair that has been bleached/highlighted too much and is losing its strength or breaking. It is the least moisturising and highest protein content range in the family of Redken hair products.

Nature + Science Extreme

Nature + Science version of Extreme range: The most repairing range in the Redken family. As well as having a the highest amount of repairing proteins this range is also sulphate & paraben free as well as being vegan. All ingredients are naturally derived.

Extreme Length

Extreme Length is an exciting new product range from Redken for anyone wanting to grow longer hair but suffering from split ends and hair breakage. It can be used on all hair types but is particularly suited for fragile, damaged hair that is prone to split ends and breakage.

Beach Envy Volume

Beach Envy Volume has been developed to help create beach hair volume & texture. This range is all about providing loose wavy hair with volume and beach hair texture. For all hair types but works best on fine hair that needs volume.

High Rise

High Rise Volume can actually thicken fine hair to give you more volume in your style. It uses Redken’s patented Filloxane formula that is able to penetrate your hair shaft and thicken the hair strand from within. This range is for anyone with fine, flat or thinning hair who would like more volume.

Diamond Oil Glow Dry

Diamond Oil Glow Dry is a coriander oil enriched range for helping to create a high shine blow dry. We should say that this product is not for fine hair – it will weigh it down too much.

Frizz Dismiss

Featuring frizz control, humidity protection and smoothing for all hair types. Redken Frizz Dismiss, with sustainably sourced Babassu Oil, nourishes, softens and conditions hair providing frizz protection for all hair types.


Redken’s exclusive Curl Memory Complex and the Interlock Protein Network (IPN) strengthen, moisturize and reactivate shape for increased manageability, frizz control and amazing shine. With Curl Memory Complex, the combination of Sugar Crystals and Moringa oil helps retain moisture in hair. The hair’s surface is smoothed and frizz is reduced while IPN answers the fragility issue encountered by curly hair

Scalp relief

Targeted scalp solutions to help soothe and protect. Redken’s scalp care offers a comprehensive range of solutions to help soothe and protect dandruff, oily, and sensitive scalps. These targeted scalp solutions offer comprehensive, professional care for the scalp and hair. Ask your stylist to recommend the appropriate in-salon service and take home treatments that are right for you.

Styling range

Root Fusion

Redken Root Fusion root touch up sprays are the super easy way to instantly cover up your roots in-between colour appointments. These excellent sprays covers roots instantly with a natural pigment that dries in under a minute.



Elevate your hairspray experience. Work, shape and finish flawlessly with the Hairspray collection, featuring 24-hour humidity resistance, 8-hour control, frizz-free shine and antioxidants for colour protection.



Add volume where you want it, when you want it. With Redken Styling’s Volume Collection it has never been easier to a full-bodied style. Enhance volume all over, boost volume at the roots, or add volume at the lengths to create lasting fullness.

Within the collection, each product has a number that represents the amount of control it provides.


Amazing texture is a must on the runways of New York Fashion Week.
From tousled and matte to sleek and controlled, the right texture gives any look a high-fashion finish. Create runway-ready texture with the Texture collection, a complete range of stylers for separation and control that just won’t quit.

Mens Styling Range

The Redken For Men styling collection, arranged by level of control, gives you an array of styling options. From pomade to paste and wax to gel, there are mild, medium and maximum control products that will help you create the latest men’s looks.

Gels & creams

Stand Tough extreme gel creates sharp shapes, definition and shine. Enriched with protein & carbs for added strength and energy while ionic bonds solidify hold for maximum staying power.

Dishevel fibre cream creates that “unstyled” style. Formula helps effortlessly shape and texturize hair for a relaxed, casual, carefree finish


We are a Redken Elite salon, which means we have an extensive range of Redken hair products, the largest in Brighton and Hove. We work closely with Redken on events and offers and are a launch salon for new products.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]