Olaplex Brighton
redken ph bonder brighton

The two industry leading products to maintain your hairs condition during lightening processes are Redken pH-Bonder & Olaplex. We use both of these products in our Brighton salon as protecting your hair condition is important as any other factor. Olaplex brighton

Protecting and repairing the main structural (di-sulphide) bonds in hair is essential to good hair condition. Lightening your hair traditionally causes oxidation of the di-sulphide bonds which damages these bonds. The bonds are essential to maintaining your hair’s elasticity and strength.

These bonds can also be damaged by using heat stylers that heat to over 185 deg C. This is why we only use ghd stylers, as these stylers regulate precisely to this temperature to maximise styling performance (by re-setting the weaker hydrogen bonds) without being too hot to cause permanent damage to di-sulphide bonds. Other stylers do not regulate this accurately and so can cause permanent damage to your hair.

We use the two leading bond protect & repair products: Redken pH-Bonder and Olaplex Brighton

If you have pre-lightening services or do heat styling with non-ghd stylers then these services are highly recommended. Both products protect di-suplhide bonds during the lightening process and can help repair damage to bonds that has already occured.

For some colour services (particularly significant lightening services), depending on your hair type a bond treatment will be necessary – this will be quoted as part of your colour service.

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