ghd glide brighton

We are rejoicing the return of the ghd glide to Brighton!

The ghd glide is back at North Laine Hair Company, ghd stockist in Brighton, after ghd were completely overwhelmed with demand when it was launched earlier this year.

So what’s so amazing that caused this new ghd tool to sell out virtually straightaway?

Lets say you have wavy hair, that is full, frizzy and unruly and need to tame it quickly & easily….

You wake up to hair that doesn’t need washing, but its certainly in need of styling.  Before the glide you would normally be reaching for your ghd’s stylers to style, straighten & smooth. If you are really skilled it would probably take you about about 10 mins to style and might be a bit fiddly to get it right.

Now with ghd glide this is reduced to about 1 minute!

Rather than having to take lots of sections (as you would need to do with straighteners) you could smooth all of your hair in only 6 sections. You glide along each section once per section about the same speed as you would with straighteners – ie. around 5 seconds per section. In less than a minute you are done!

It’s also incredibly easy to do, much more so than using hair straighteners.

Who doesn’t want that kind of time saving and simplicity in the morning!

Over the year you will get an extra working week back in time for lie ins!

So what are the main take-aways?

  • As with all ghd’s glide heats quickly and accurately to 185 deg C – the perfect temperature for heat styling hair
  • You will need to brush your hair before to remove any tangles
  • As with all heat tools they can only be used on dry hair (never heat style wet hair… it boils the water in the cuticle causing serious damage – think popcorn in the microwave!)
  • As with all heat tools you must use heat protecting spray

Come in to try! If you buy from us we will give you a free demo and training in how to use this revolutionary new ghd hot brush. We also offer CLICK & COLLECT so you can buy online & then call into our Brighton Shop to collect.

If you are wondering which is the best ghd for you see below for our hand little help guide for picking the correct tool for your needs.

1.Straighteners: For all hair types.

For curly, wavy, frizzy hair – Any hair length, to smooth straighten, remove volume, will remove all curl. Skill level required to straighten = Medium

For straight hair – Any hair length to smooth, flicks, waves & curls. Skill level required to wave = Medium. Skill level to curl = High

2. Glide: For wavy, frizzy hair, for hair on the thicker side. Perfect for quick & easy day 2 styling. Skill level required = Very low

3. Curve Tong: For wavy or straight hair to give a curl. All curls will be the same. Skill level required = High

4. Curve Wand: For wavy or straight hair to give a smooth wave. All waves will be the same. Skill level required = Low/medium

5. Oracle: For wavy or straight hair to give a wave or a curl. Complete flexibility on curls or waves. The ultimate tool for creating curls or waves. Skill level = Very high