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Hair Care Products

_DSC2659We strongly believe in ensuring you are able to look after your hair and scalp at home/in between visits by using the correct shampoo, conditioner and treatment for your individual lifestyle and hair needs. This is particularly true if you have your hair coloured. We understand that having your hair coloured is a significant investment and because of this it is essential that you get the best longevity out or your colour.

To ensure you get the most from your colour we always recommend you should treat it with correct product.

Hair is a complex filament of protein and maintaining or improving its condition requires the appropriate products to be used in the correct way.

Our salon professional products typically cost more than the mass manufactured brands you will find in high street chemists and supermarkets but we believe the extra is worth paying for in terms of quality of ingredients and the results they deliver.

The major difference is that supermarket sold hair products are typically broad cosmetic products which you select based on blanket terms like fine hair, coloured hair, dry hair. At North Laine Hair Company we prescribe a specific product from our extensive range to meet your requirements and match you hair type and condition.

Salon products are also more concentrated so you can use less which means they last longer and also cuts down on packaging waste.

We have carefully selected the product companies that we work with to ensure they deliver the best results for your hair:

These are companies that make products that we feel offer the best solutions across a range of prices based on our many years of experience.

Our styling team are trained by directly by the manufacturers in their products so they know the right product that meets your needs.   By stocking a wide range it also allows us to offer a range of treatments that can also meet your budget.

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